Shortbread Fingers - Traditional and with Stem Ginger

We are the largest manufacturer of pure butter shortbread in South Africa – and it is all handmade.

The unique and delicate mouth feel is achieved by using only the finest ingredients together with our handmade manufacturing process which involves preparing the shortbread in small batches.

Shortbread cookies     Shortbread finger biscuits stem ginger 

Large mass producers cannot replicate this taste and mouth feel.

Considerable thought and attention to detail has gone into the packaging of our products and the individual packaging serves to protect the product and preserve its freshness.

Our shortbread contains 30% butter and has no preservatives or flavouring.

We manufacture our Shortbread in fingers for the retail market.


Mantelli’s Shortbread Fingers are supplied as follows:

  • Shortbread Fingers 175g
  • Shortbread Fingers with Stem Ginger 175g