Rusks – Buttermilk & Bran

Rusks are a double baked product and are best enjoyed when accompanied by a large steaming cup of coffee or tea.

We hand make two varieties of rusks which are Buttermilk and Bran for the various food service channels. They have been well received in the hospitality and airline markets proving that great quality rusks are a staple requirement for a discerning South African diet!

Rusks are made with buttermilk and butter and are conveniently sized to ensure an “easy” eat – mouth feel and texture are exceptional.

Mantelli's Rusks are supplied as follows:

  • 150 by 20g individually wrapped Buttermilk Rusks
  • 150 by 20g individually wrapped Bran Rusks
  • 150 by 20g individually wrapped Muesli Rusks

Rusks are certified Kosher and Halaal